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Kate is truly a gifted, spiritual guidance coach. Her depth, wisdom, intuition, and authenticity will enrich your understanding of your true self, which will allow you to see your true path.
- Lynn V
Kate, who is the founder of A Love Seed is a wonderful, inspirational and powerful woman that is spreading her love and compassion into the world!
- Andrea E.
Top Transformation Experts and Topics!
Melissa Wolf
Behavior Transformation  
High Performance 
Wellness Coach. 
Daniel Gutierrez
Master of Mindfulness

Whitney Freya
Inspired Living Expert
Ocean Eagle
Shamanic Healer

Cory Martin

Yoga Instructor 
Expert on Yoga for Chronic Pain
Troy Love, LCSW
Creator of Finding Peace Retreats
EMDR Trauma Practitioner 

Karine Allouche Salanon

Founder of Healthy Lifers
Vitality Health Coach
Lisa Hromada
Creator of Love is the Seed
Anita Nacion-Vita, RN
Tai Chi Healer
Expert in Mindfulness
Work/Life Balance

Damon Griffin 

Owner of Integrity Sports
Former NFL Wide- Receiver  
Nike Consultant 

Tina Hencey

Intuitive Empath 
Akashic Records Advanced Practitioner, Spiritual Teacher 
Orgone/Crystal Spiritual Artist,

Kiyanush Kamrani
Certified Deep Transformational Life Coach 

And many more experts! 

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